Why use an architect?

Most people know an architect or have a family member who is an architect but there are less who have actually used an architect or know what they can offer to a project.

Architects bring a huge degree of creativity to a project and can provide you with options you had perhaps not thought of, or felt able to explore or which are ‘outside the box’.

Whether it’s a small remodelling exercise or a grand replacement dwelling, an architect’s input can be a valuable addition to your development plans.

Trained to deal with challenges and find solutions, making alterations to your property gives an architect the ultimate challenge is spatial awareness.

The key is to listen to your client and assess how they use their space, what is important to them when using the space on a day to day basis and interpreting their thoughts in a creative and intuitive way.

I enjoy building upon the relationships I have with existing clients and forging new contacts through word of mouth. What I create for my client’s is the ultimate marketing tool and the process of taking a project from the sketch pad to site should be an enjoyable adventure for all those involved.



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  1. Tracey Parker’s strength of talent lies in her ability to turn a small idea on paper into a mastery of design. I have welcomed her as an Architect onto two major projects, her proficiency and flair always delivers what the client hoped for – a design of inventiveness and inspiration.

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