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I watched an interesting programme on the television last night entitled Double your house for half the money. Sarah Beeney presents the show and looks at a couple of family groups looking to up-size their property.

With house prices rising, many of the homes we aspire to living in seem out of our reach and a good couple of rungs up the property ladder. The idea of adapting what you have seems very appealing to those who are already happy with the area they live in, the schools their children attend and the thought of packing everything up and starting again.

The programme illustrated that for those with a view to adding an extra one or two bedrooms and some additional living space that extending and altering an existing property was a very good investment and if looking to sell the property one could give some extra return on the money spent out.

Sarah looked at a family property in Bristol with an empty shop unit next door and the couple transformed it into a spacious family home and created a small unit from the redundant shop unit for elderly parents to have as a retirement home, giving them independent living but with the benefit of being close to immediate family.

The other case study was a couple that extended to the side and rear to create an impressive family kitchen and garden room. With this couple, Sarah looked at the option of a home office space in the garden, 3m x 3m that could provide a little haven for those wanting a mini-commute or as a teenage retreat or guest bedroom for visitors. This sort of garden structure could start from as little as £3000 ready to use.

These additions to a home are desirable as families grow and their needs change. The additional floor space and well thought out interiors are a real selling point to future purchasers who look to inherit the flexibility of space for their time in a property.

Improving rather than moving seems to be a very viable option for most and one that should definitely be explored in some detail prior to contacting the estate agents.

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