How does the process work and where do I start?

A building project can be exciting, unknown and ultimately quite daunting if it is the first time you have embarked on extending or altering a property. For some the journey is not a new one, however you may have become more adventurous with experience, having started with simple internal alterations at home.

I feel strongly that the journey from sketch pad to onsite work should be as smooth and enjoyable as possible and therefore it is imperative that you choose the right people to hold your hand and take you through the various processes involved in turning your dreams into a reality.

Some projects will be short-lived, however as a rule of thumb the majority of medium sized projects will take a year from initial meeting until they are on site. It will depend upon the complexity of the project but in order that you can appreciate where the time goes, I have put the first few key stages below which are explained in more depth on the website tabs.

Briefing                                1 week

The earliest stage of the project, I meet with you to discuss your thoughts for the project, find out about how you currently use the spaces, your immediate needs and future requirements and your anticipated budget. From this meeting a brief or ‘wish list’ is prepared for me to use to aid my sketch proposals.

Survey information        1 week

I like to visit the property and take measurements in order that I can prepare sketch proposals from a base record drawing. On more complex sites, requiring site survey levels and boundary plotting, I would look to obtain a quotation from a local Land Surveying firm who will survey and plot the information directly into AutoCAD and will be more cost effective for the client. Occasionally, clients have their own record drawings from previous owners or estate agents particulars, which can be used initially to speed up the feasibility process.

Feasibility                           2 weeks initially, plus further consultation.

This is the creative phase of the project. I typically like to prepare 2 or 3 options based on the client’s brief, using the base record drawings and generally showing a range ways of achieving the ‘wish list’. On the whole, these sketches are hand-drawn and are not deemed to be ‘precious’ in any way. In fact, they are deliberately kept simple in order that the creative journey with the client can evolve, develop and bloom into their ideal. Once prepared, I meet with you to discuss my proposals, receive feedback and then look to fine-tune the proposals to encompass all of the required elements.

It is only once the client is completely happy that they have the design they are aspiring to that we look to move these drawings onto the Planning phase, as required.

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