Handled with Care

Many of my client’s watch Grand Designs and it is often the first thing we have in common that we can talk about the good, the bad and the ugly!

As a student the programme would fill me with wonder and trigger inspiring ideas, once I had taken my finals, the programme had a very different effect and amongst fellow architects in the office it would be a source of great discussion about how long something like that took to get through planning, the highs and the lows of the building project, the struggle of a first time Project Manager and of course Kevin McCloud’s expression when asking the question ‘what was the final cost?’

No two projects are alike, however a professional anticipates what is to be expected from each building type and is a guide through a process that can be a complete unknown for some people.

An architect’s relationship with a client is a very special one of trust, respect and understanding and this needs to be handled with care, communication being a key part to success.

Nobody wants to feel that they are employing someone to handle the process and then having to chase and carry out part of it themselves.

As a professional, I understand the importance of performing to standards and providing a service that is second to none. There are always factors that come into play along the way, which we cannot control, however if we can keep everyone in the loop informed then the journey becomes smoother and pleasure.

Information is key and therefore understanding what my client does and doesn’t know about the process of using an architect allows me to tailor the service to suit to provide the best service for each individual project. Some client’s are unable to read plans and so I like to enquire at an early stage while presenting a scheme in order that we can do things differently, perhaps walking around the house with the drawing and getting them to imagine a wall removed and the view into the garden or providing simple 3-dimensional model drawing to show a proposal more realistically to give a feel of the massing involved.

Handled with care, each and every client should feel special and very much a part of the proposals that are created. I bring the imagination, expertise and skills to translate what you want and need into something truly wonderful.



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