Grand plans

We all dream of bigger and better and most of us have had a thought about building our own home in an idyllic location. For some, this is achievable with land in abundance or having a sub-standard property to replace but for others we need to think outside of the box.

There has been trend in recent years to turn bungalows into houses or replace existing properties which are structurally unsound with new dwellings and so I watch with intrigue when I see a site change from one plain property into something extraordinary.

The secret is to have the vision and the connections, particularly with local Estate Agents who know their areas and will be most people’s first port of call when looking for a property or piece of land.

Property Auctions are also another source of intrigue, and having watched programmes like Homes under the Hammer on the television, I recently attended a property auction in Southsea out of curiosity. The tension in the room was immense and, as predicted, there were sudden flurries of activity before the auctioneer’s hammer hit the block. Families attending to give moral support and countless numbers of Contractors looking for a property renovation bargain.

However you wish to embark on your development adventure, it is always useful to know what is involved, the time needed to obtain permissions and the best phasing plan for your project. You may wish to build out at the front, the side and the back and into the roof, however put onto one planning application you could end up with a complete refusal as the proposed is too adventurous, however broken down into sizeable chunks of development, each application can be dealt with under its’ own merit and in turn a more sizeable development can be achieved.

The secret is to work with an architect with planning approval experience, who knows the guidance and works with it to obtain an approval. A planning approval is the most valuable asset to a client. Once the approval has been obtained and the principle established, changes or additions to the scheme can be made.colliseum

Rome wasn’t built in a day but it is certainly bigger and better than anyone could have originally envisaged it to be and if you have grand plans for your home or plot, why not give Bespoke Architects a call to discuss your existing property’s potential or maybe a potential purchase and together we can add significant value to your property investment.

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