From feasibility to reality – Planning

For some clients the journey will have naturally rest at the end of the feasibility stage, the feasibility design will have provided a good insight as to what is possible in the future for which they will need to raise funding, for others it has been a deciding factor as to whether they will move home rather than stay and improve or it may have provided a potential seller some additional property potential incentive to entice purchasers.

For the majority of clients the end of the feasibility stage marks the start of exciting times ahead, preparation for the new and the ability to move their dreams up to the next level.

A planning application and/ or Listed Building Consent application requires drawings conforming to set criteria and therefore I always allow for this drawing and administration work when quoting for Planning services. The following drawings will be needed as a minimum and, unless a preference is stated for hand drawn drawings, will be prepared in AutoCAD, using the previously prepared record drawings as a base.

Existing and proposed plans                        Scale 1:50

Existing and proposed elevations             Scale 1:100

Location Plan – Obtained from an Ordnance Survey recognised company                              Scale 1:1250

Site Plan               Scale 1:200 or 1:500

A design and Access statement is required for most projects; depending upon the type of development, which tends to take a standard format for all Local Authorities and illustrates what is proposed, where, why and how.

The planning drawings and compilation of the application will typically take a couple of weeks to prepare, alongside an average workload, and will be submitted to the Local Authority in paper format or online via the Planning Portal. Whichever application method is chosen, your application will go through the same checking process and will be validated first prior to being assigned to a planning officer.

I would normally expect an application to take a week or two to be validated from receipt and then the planning process is 8 weeks in length from validation.

During the planning process, consultations take place with the Parish Council, Highway Authorities and local residents, which may be affected by the proposal. As such, I would look to make contact with the Planning Officer for initial feedback at the halfway point, say 4 weeks from validation, as this gives time for the comments to be received and gives us some indication of how the application has been received and, if necessary, gives us time to work with the planning officer to fine tune any elements which may not be receiving positive feedback.

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