Grand plans

We all dream of bigger and better and most of us have had a thought about building our own home in an idyllic location. For some, this is achievable with land in abundance or having a sub-standard property to replace but for others we need to think outside of the box. There has been trend in recent years to turn…

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Chichester Art Trail

Over the last couple of weekends, I have indulged in visits to artist’s homes in the Chichester area. Not only was it a pleasurable experience to see so much artistic talent but also to visit some beautiful homes, gardens and work spaces. One which sticks in my mind was the studio at Said House in Fishbourne. The ‘pavilion’ in the garden was designed by architects, Peter…

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Being an architect

The journey to becoming an architect started a long time ago. As a child I was always interested in other peoples’ homes and would disappear to have a good nose around, much to my parents’ embarrassment. My father is an architect and we would have regular trips to London to experience culture and architecture and it was when I was…

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Design to succeed

There are many things in life that our out of our control and the opinions of Planning Officers are one of them! Planning Law changes regularly and although the elements of the discussions remain the same, Local Policy, being in a Conservation Area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty can make the simplest of extensions a trying process.

Handled with Care

Many of my client’s watch Grand Designs and it is often the first thing we have in common that we can talk about the good, the bad and the ugly!

From feasibility to reality – Planning

For some clients the journey will have naturally rest at the end of the feasibility stage, the feasibility design will have provided a good insight as to what is possible in the future for which they will need to raise funding, for others it has been a deciding factor as to whether they will move home rather than stay and…

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How does the process work and where do I start?

A building project can be exciting, unknown and ultimately quite daunting if it is the first time you have embarked on extending or altering a property. For some the journey is not a new one, however you may have become more adventurous with experience, having started with simple internal alterations at home.