Grand plans

We all dream of bigger and better and most of us have had a thought about building our own home in an idyllic location. For some, this is achievable with land in abundance or having a sub-standard property to replace but for others we need to think outside of the box. There has been trend in recent years to turn…

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New Permitted Development rights – Agricultural

New Permitted Development Rights The government has now published the detailed legislation relating to converting redundant agricultural building to residential dwellings without the need to apply for planning consent. In August 2013, the Government published a consultation document titled ‘Greater flexibilities for change of use’ that proposed to allow the conversions of existing barns and other agricultural buildings to residential…

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Television Inspiration

I watched an interesting programme on the television last night entitled Double your house for half the money. Sarah Beeney presents the show and looks at a couple of family groups looking to up-size their property. With house prices rising, many of the homes we aspire to living in seem out of our reach and a good couple of rungs…

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Design to succeed

There are many things in life that our out of our control and the opinions of Planning Officers are one of them! Planning Law changes regularly and although the elements of the discussions remain the same, Local Policy, being in a Conservation Area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty can make the simplest of extensions a trying process.

Will I need planning permission?

It is often one of the first things people ask me when they find out what I do, knowing that I have contacts with the Local Authority. Planning guidance regularly changes however there have been a few relaxations in the Law more recently, which has made some of the simpler extensions and alteration more accessible to all. As a general…

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From feasibility to reality – Planning

For some clients the journey will have naturally rest at the end of the feasibility stage, the feasibility design will have provided a good insight as to what is possible in the future for which they will need to raise funding, for others it has been a deciding factor as to whether they will move home rather than stay and…

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