The story so far…….I have spent the last 23 years studying and working on the South Coast.

As a daughter of an architect it was not a surprise to my friends and family that I took the same path and decided to study Architecture. Although a lengthy course, 3 years Degree and 2 years Diploma, the two courses are separated by a practical year out, giving a welcomed break.

My adventures began  at Portsmouth Polytechnic, which then became the University of Portsmouth at the end of my degree year, and although they have a more modern building now, designed by the late Sir Colin Stansfield-Smith, our home for the 5 years was split between the 6th floor of late 1970’s building and some cold studios in the Chemistry block.

Fond memories of a close-knit group of architecture students who started our term ahead of others and continued to the bitter end, complete with all-night working regimes.


I still keep in contact with many of my year group, all now architects, and at the standard social gatherings; iconic birthday events, weddings etc. over the years it has been a source of great amusement to find so many architects in one room at one time. There must be a collective noun for a gathering of architects?